Included :       

Supply, delivery and installation of the ECOMAXX underfloor heating system

20 years of limited warranty for the heating element, 3 years limited warranty for the electronics

Not included: 

   VAT,  supply delivery and installation of the thermal insulation or any related building materials.  

Terms Of Payment:

50% advance deposit, 50 % on installation.

That practically means that you can pay 50% deposit, we install the heating tapes and related wiring.

The transformers and other electronic parts could be installed and payed whenever it is convenient for you.


Special Offer For Property Developers

If you are a property developer or a project manager and you are  building a flat, house, villa, building etc. we can install the heating element and related wiring under the floor. Your buyer has an opportunity  to buy a property with already partially installed UFH. You ,as a developer pay only 50% of the total amount.  It is than up to the new owner to call us to install the electronics and pay us the remaining 50% himself and get a 20 years warranty on his name. 

This option can increase chances of quicker selling and proportionally rises the market value of the real estate.